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Top Ten List – How to get Discount Lift Tickets for Steamboat

  1. Buy a Ski Pass in the Spring! If you know you will be skiing Steamboat next year, the BEST discounts on lift tickets are during the months of April – June when you can purchase various season ski passes at the best rates. They have 8 day passes for $449 (which is only $62.37 per day), and also 15 day pass for $859 (which is only $57.26 per day) on sale now until June 1st (when the rates go up).
  2. Kids Ski Free! Kids 12 & under always Ski Free with an Adult 5 day lift ticket purchase. If you are renting skis, Ski Haus also has a Kids Rent Free promotion where one Kids rentals are Free when an adult rents skis/boards for 5 days. You can also Save an additional 15% off the rental cost by booking through our website.
  3. Skip the Lift Ticket Window & Purchase online 7 days in Advance of Skiing! ! The most expensive lift tickets are when they are purchased at the lift ticket window – – use the Ski Resort website to purchase lift tickets at least 7 days prior to your arrival date (you can thank Al Gore for this!).
  4. Monitor both this site and Ski resort website for Special Deals! The resort will typically sell 3 day passes for the non-peak times at price points of $129-$199. The earlier you jump on these special offers, the lower the prices will be. The Olympian Pass was on sale this year at a starting price of $169 and then gradually increase to $199 over the course of a month. On Sale NOW for 2016-17!! The Olympian 3 Pass Only $189 – Act Fast!
  5. Rocky Mtn Super Pass Plus! If you live in Colorado (or other nearby state), this is a great option where you get unlimited skiing at Copper, Winter Park, 6 days of skiing at Steamboat and 3 days at Monarch for only $509.
  6. Live in the Front Range of Colorado! There are typically a couple times during the year when can purchase (in person only) 3 pack lift passes for Steamboat for around $150. These are typically sold during weekend ski deals at Christy Sports, or other retailer in the front range. On Sale NOW until Sept 6th – Powder Daze Pass – 3 days for only $149 (IN Store Only)
  7. Ski Early and Late Season! If you ski in the early season (prior to Dec 22) or during the last week of the ski season in April, there are always from great 3 day passes for around $109-$149. This year they also had a buy one 3 day pass, get 1 free for $129 during the early season. This was the Boat Launch Pass and if it snows early the slopes are typically pretty empty until the Holidays.
  8. Get a 4×40 Pass! This plays off driving Hwy 40 between WInter Park and Steamboat and provides 2 day of lift tickets to each resort for $199 (you can purchase this pass online)
  9. Get in Good Shape! How does being in shape save you money? I can’t tell you how many times I have had friends visit from back east who quickly get sore legs from skiing the 1st day and literally have to take 1-2 days off to recover. If you have already purchased 5-7 day lift tickets, that money is lost, there are no refunds when your thighs are screaming uncle! The better shape you are in, the less sore your legs will be after skiing and the more time you can spend enjoying the slopes!
  10. Be an Olympic Skier! There are some perks to being a really, really good skier/snowboarder. Do you think Billy the Kid, Nelson Carmichael, Shaun White or Lindsay Vaughn ever pay for lift tickets – – H%$* no they don’t!

 Latest Deals on Discounted Steamboat Lift Tickets

  • ON Sale NOW For 2017 Olympian Pass, Early pricing only $189 (as of Nov 16 – this will go up), 3 Day Pass valid from Jan 16 – Feb 9, 2017!
  • Steamboat 3 Pass Only $169 – Act Fast! 3 day pass starting at only $169 (less than $57/day), This special price ends Sept 6th and will go up after that!
  • On Sale NOW for 2016-17!! Powder Daze 3 Pass Only $149 – Must purchase in store only at the Denver Christy Sports! 3 day pass starting at only $149 (less than $50/day), This special price ends Sept 6th.
  • Steamboat 2016-2017, 8 and 15 day Passes – 8 and 15 day passes are on sale now for the 2016-17 ski season – the 8 day pass is only $499 and the 15 day pass only  $859 if purchased early!
  • The M.A.X. Pass – The MAX Pass – The Ultimate Ski Pass providing 110 days of skiing or snowboarding at 22 resorts across North America for the 2015-2016 Season!
  • On Sale NOW for 2016-17!! Springalicious Pass 3 day Pass – This is an incredible value for some of the best conditions of the season at Steamboat. Valid April 1st – 16th, for only $109 (order asap or the price goes up)
  • Boat Launch Pass – typically on sale just prior to Ski Season, $149 for a 3 day pass good between Nov 24 – Dec 18th.

Lift Ticket Pricing 2016-2017:

*Advance Rates below require a 7-Day advance purchase (prior to your 1st day of skiing) which guarantees you at least a 10% discount on the prices at the lift ticket window

Purchase Lift Tickets

  • Click on the above red button to get lift ticket pricing for the time you are visiting Steamboat
  • A page with a calendar will pop up (similar to image below) where you can select your dates, the # of days you will be skiing and if you need Adult, Teen, Child, etc.
  • Remember that kids 12 and under ski free with an Adult 5 day lift ticket purchase.

2016 lift ticket chart



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