What Are The Best Ski Schools In Steamboat Springs?

Published on 09/12/2018 by Brad Luth

Steamboat Springs is a friendly and incredibly popular skiing destination, but not all of our visitors are expert skiers. Whether you are indoors or outdoors person typically, it takes some extra time on the slopes to improve your skills and ski with confidence.

The main reason why so many visit Steamboat year after year is due to its skiing boosted by a fantastic trail system, “Champagne snow,” amiable people, excellent cuisine and excellent skiing schools. In fact, schools are the reasons why we are writing this article!

Below, you’ll find the list of best Steamboat ski schools, regarding their overall reviews, programs, prices, and matches for you; go through it if you seek a ski school in Steamboat.

Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp

What Are The Best Ski Schools In Steamboat Springs?
Photo Credit: Greg Hamilton via Flickr CC2.0


The Steamboat Ski & Resort is one of the most ski schools in Steamboat Springs. Their offer is quite vast, for they feature programs for kids, adults, adult groups, private lessons. And if you are a first-timer, you can enroll in special programs for people that never skied before.

And it’s not just skiing we are talking about; you can opt for snowboarding too! What we suggest (and this is aimed at first-timers) is that you join a group because you’ll learn faster, have more fun and enjoy a 15% discount. Just make sure you make reservations a week before your lessons start.

You also have a lot of options when it comes to private lessons; you can opt for 3-hour lessons (mornings or afternoons), 5-hour or 7-hour lessons. There are other types of schoolings too (like the Night Lesson or Kid’s 1 Hour lesson), but those that we mentioned are most picked.

Then there are lessons for kids and teenagers, both for those that want individual or group learning. And most importantly, The Steamboat Ski & Resort offers lessons for people with cognitive and physical challenges. They have a well-trained staff that greets and teaches everyone with joy, but also with determination, for they always try to encourage everyone to reach their fullest potential on snow!

Steamboat Mountain School

Steamboat Mountain School is no joke; it’s an actual university with experts, professors, and students! Luckily, they also feature programs for recreational skiing and snowboarding.

The lessons take place on Mt. Werner, at least three times a week. Skiing always happens in groups, together with teachers. That way, the students can immediately correct their mistakes and elevate their skills. Plus, if you are Steamboat Mountain School student, you’ll probably be highly motivated to ski as good as your teachers do.

The good news is that you don’t need prior skiing experience. Moreover, it is preferable that you don’t know how to ski, for the teachers at Steamboat Mountain School will teach you methodically and through play. Don’t worry; this won’t be your typical high-school or university experience.

The Steamboat Mountain School doesn’t only teach people how to ski or snowboard, for they motivate you to live a healthier and fulfilled life. It is highly probable (and don’t blame us if this happens!) that you’ll also fall in love with other outdoor activities, such as hiking, and cycling.

It is also probable that you’ll feel much happier and fulfilled after each lesson (you can blame use should this happen!) All in all, if you are looking for organized and full-time skiing or snowboarding experience, then Steamboat Mountain School is the way to go.

Ski Daddy

Ski Daddy is another, much more casual and relaxing skiing learning experience than the previous two. Essentially, there are two groups of students: kids and adults.

Lessons are always done in groups, for it encourages faster learning, better adoption and most importantly, more fun. And, though some won’t admit to this, there is always more competitiveness in groups, and more competitiveness often brings better results.

Note that the Ski Daddy takes care of other things too, such as ski rental arrangements, lessons, meal preparing, and so forth. In essence, Ski Daddy ensures that you feel at home and that you receive all the care that you as a group need.

And while Ski Daddy offers skiing lessons to kids and adults equally, they do pay a bit more attention to children’s safety, encouraging the parents to ski together with their kids and emphasizing the use of safety equipment. If children’s safety is your biggest concern, then Ski Daddy should be on your list of ski schools.

Private Teacher

What Are The Best Ski Schools In Steamboat Springs?
Photo Credit: jmardjfan via Flickr CC2.0


While we do not recommend this, you could (theoretically) arrange skiing lessons with private instructors. Of course, you would need to make sure that you aren’t breaking any rules of the resort you are staying in (should you stay with a resort), but it is possible to arrange such a thing.

How? Well, Steamboat is filled with experienced teachers and skiers. After all, Steamboat is a hometown of several USA Olympians. Specifically, Steamboat has “manufactured” 89 Olympians thus far! Of course, not all of them dwell in Steamboat and offer their skiing lessons in lodges and bars, but some of them do.

In fact, many people are attracted to this place because they hope to see their favorite athletes. And even if you don’t catch an Olympian, we can guarantee you two things about the citizens of Steamboat; they are friendly, and they ski. But again, you need to make sure that you abide the rules of the resorts if you are staying in one.

Finding Your Best Ski School Option In Steamboat

If you don’t want to mess around or overthink about your ski vacation, you should probably opt for Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. In Steamboat, Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp is like classic, Cadillac amongst vehicles. And by saying this, we don’t want to put down mentioned alternatives but are just stating the obvious.

And whichever option you choose, remember to have fun and ski or snowboard safely. And try new things too! Why not try snowboarding or ski jumping? But if you want to enjoy the snow and learn skiing or improve your existing skiing or snowboarding skills, there is no doubt that Steamboat Springs is the right place for it.