Steamboat Springs Free Shuttle Information

Booking a vacation rental in Steamboat Springs, but don’t want to bring a car? Try the Steamboat Springs free shuttle instead. This city-operated bus system covers takes you around town and out to the local ski resort — all for free. Search our rentals along the free shuttle route here.

About the Steamboat Springs Free Shuttle

The city of Steamboat Springs runs the shuttle system, which is also called Steamboat Springs Transit. The service runs year-round and includes eight different bus lines that cover the downtown area, popular vacation rental neighborhoods, and the Steamboat Springs ski area. With the shuttle, there’s no need to worry about parking — which can save you time, especially during the busy winter season. The bus is always free for locals and visitors.

Steamboat Springs Shuttle Routes

The Steamboat Springs shuttle system includes multiple lines. If you’re heading to the Steamboat Resort ski area, head to the Gondola Transit Center stop; from there, it’s a short walk to the mountain. All lines except the Yellow Line stop at the Gondola Transit Center.

Green Line: This bus runs between Steamboat Resort and the condos that sit to the southwest.

Red Line: The Red Line runs from Steamboat Campground, through Steamboat Springs, and out to Steamboat Resort. At the end of its route at Gondola Transit Center, the Red Line turns into the Green Line.

Blue Line: The Blue Line follows the same route as the Red Line. After it stops at the Gondola Transit Center, this bus turns into the Orange Line.

Orange Line: This route runs from the Gondola Transit Center to the South Condos.

Yellow Line: The Yellow Line runs in a continuous loop around downtown Steamboat Springs and through the residential neighborhood just to the southeast. If you want to head to the ski area, you must transfer to one of the other bus lines.

Purple Line: This route runs from the Gondola Transit Center to the North Condos.

Night Line: This route runs from Steamboat Campground to the Gondola Transit Center. It operates from 9:00 PM.

Night Condo Line: This route runs from the Gondola Transit Center to the condos south of the ski area. It operates from 8:00 PM.

Planning Your Trip

The Steamboat Springs shuttle runs from early in the morning until late at night. Current schedules are available on the Steamboat Springs website and on the buses. The city also operates a live, GPS-enabled Route Match map, so you can always see where your bus is.

Riding the Shuttle With Skis and Snowboards

Need to bring your skis or snowboards on the shuttle? No problem — many buses have ski racks on the outside. You can load your gear onto the racks and hop on board. If there’s no space, simply brush off the snow and bring your skis or snowboard on the bus with you. Steamboat Springs buses also have bike racks for easy transport.

With the Steamboat Springs shuttle, it’s a breeze to get from your vacation rental to downtown or the ski area.