Mountain Biking In Steamboat Springs: Adventure & Unique Trails

Published on 12/28/2017 by Brad Luth

Steamboat Springs, Colorado is one of the most notable outdoor adventure spots in the country. Many of our guests come for skiing, of course, but lots enjoy biking as well. Best known for its ski slopes, our town attracts countless outdoors-loving tourists every year. Starting in the 1870s, American settlers began inhabiting the area of what is now known as Steamboat Springs, or Steamboat for short. Our town is one of the best spots for outdoor adventure in the state of Colorado, and it offers a diverse range of activities for people of all interests and agilities.

Beyond the famous ski slopes in the winter months, Steamboat offers tons of summer attractions including marathons for runners, hot air balloon shows, ziplining, rafting and kayaking in the Yampa River, horseback riding, climbing and hiking, fishing, and more. When visitors get tired of these activities, they can visit any one of the amazing restaurants situated in the city center or sprinkled throughout the town. They can also go shopping, see the museums, or take a break in the botanical gardens. In addition, the summertime offers music festivals, wine festivals, rodeos, and a host of other city-wide gatherings and celebrations.

However, some of the most attractive features that the Steamboat area has to offer are the biking trails. During the warmer months, amateur and pro bikers come from all over to experience the beautiful trails and thrilling dirt jumps that are set up throughout Steamboat Springs. Mountain biking Steamboat Springs trails cater to every type of biker or sports enthusiast, with some being more challenging than others. Dirt trails, paved trails, and forest trails can all be found in the area which offers 180 miles of trail in the warmer months. These trails range from less than two miles in length to over 25 miles long! Snow bikers can also rejoice as some of the trails are open for winter biking during the cold season.

To get a better sense of the mountain biking Steamboat Springs experience, here is an overview of the featured trails:

Paved Trails

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Of the paved trails in the area, the Yampa River Core Trail is one of the most popular and widely used. Stretching four miles, this trail runs right through the heart of Steamboat Springs and leads to countless other activities such as shopping, dining, horseback riding, fishing and tubing in the Yampa River, and more. People of all ages and biking levels use this path as it provides stunning views of the Steamboat area and is one of the least challenging trails to ride on.

Cross-Country Trails

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Cross-Country Trails are also available and feature a wide variety of terrain and surroundings. Long trails like the 26 mile round-trip Hare Loop trail and the 12 mile round-trip Red Dirt trail offer uphill and downhill paths through nature and along the side of the road. The South Fork Loop trail also offers some of the best views of the mountains and Elk River, in addition to being one of the easiest loops to follow. Be sure to bring your camera or GoPro when riding on any one of these paths!

Short Trails

Some of the shortest trails in the Steamboat area include the 2.1 mile NPR trail, the 1.2 MGM trail, the 1.5 mile Flying Diamond trail, the 2.2 mile Sunshine trail, and the 1.1 mile Creekside trail. Some of the shortest trails include Molly’s trail and the Wrangler Gulch trail which are both under a mile long. These two trails are both easy to follow and are user friendly for beginners and unseasoned bikers. Choose one of these when you’re looking for a quick and fun ride!

Jump Parks

Many of the trails also feature dirt jumps and rock jumps for avid mountain bikers. These adventurous, sometimes risky attractions allow bikers to improve their skills and practice their air-time tricks. Some of the best jumps in town can be found in the Steamboat Springs jump parks. In particular, the Steamboat Mountain Bike Park was among the top five best mountain bike parks of 2016, and it is one of the most liked jump parks in the state of Colorado. This park has both downhill and freeride terrains with varying challenges for bikers in all categories. Bikers who aren’t so fond of dirt can visit the Bear River Skateboard Park in town.

Mountain bikers who haven’t been to Steamboat have much to discover and enjoy during a visit here. Many other bikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts have already fallen in love with the many attractions and surrounding nature of the Steamboat Springs area. Tourists often camp outdoors or stay in one of the many vacation rentals available while visiting. Remember, these attractions aren’t reserved for seasoned bikers and adventurers alone! Anyone can come to Steamboat Springs and have a good time, both indoors and out.