Steamboat Alpine Slide Guide: Have Fun On The Howler!

Published on 08/13/2019 by Brad Luth

The Steamboat Springs Alpine Slide — aka “The Howler” — is a bucket-list activity for mountain visitors of every age!

This thrilling summer attraction takes guests on an exhilarating and scenic ride down the 2,400-foot track (almost half a mile!), through unsuspecting bends and curves that are part of the natural mountain landscape.

Located in the picturesque Howelsen Hill area, just steps from downtown Steamboat Springs, the “Howler Slide” is well worth the small fee to ride. Feel the wind in your hair as you take in the stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding Yampa Valley; there’s truly no better way to see the mountain!

Great for guests of all ages, learn more about this summer mountain “must”!

Steamboat Alpine Slide—The Basics


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Situated in the heart of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the Alpine Slide is a tradition for many summer guests. Here’s basic info about the slide and pricing, hours, etc.

Address: 845 Howelsen Pkwy, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Phone: (970) 819-8010

Hours: Vary seasonally – please call for updated hours

Price: $7 – $15


The Alpine Slide is open seasonally from May through September. Hours are 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. in peak summer and slowly scale back as fall approaches. We recommend calling in advance to check the up-to-date schedule.

Guests ages 7 and up can ride the slide unattended, while children ages 2 – 6 can ride for $7 with a paying adult. The slide is priced per ride as follows:

Number of Rides Price Per Ride
12+ $13
5 – 11 $14
1 – 4 $15

Veterans and active-duty military members are offered a discounted rate of $13 per ride. Children ages 2 – 6 can ride with a paying adult for $7 per ride; children under 2 are not permitted to ride the slide.

All visitors will need to sign a waiver and purchase ride tokens prior to riding the lift to the top of the hill. All pre-ride activity is completed at the large yurt building—you can’t miss it!

Howelsen Park


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While you’re visiting the slide, take time to visit the attractions at the nearby Howelsen Park area. Home to the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, this park transforms into a lush outdoor venue for sports, recreation, and summer activities. The expansive outdoor space features nature walks, hiking and mountain biking trails, community picnic tables and grills, a spacious playground, yard games, horseback riding, sports fields, and much more. This beautiful recreational area is open to the public throughout the year and is a great place to take in the great outdoors!

Alpine Slide FAQs

Still have questions? We’ve got you covered. Check out our quick FAQ guide to the Steamboat Springs Alpine Slide.

Where is the Steamboat Alpine Slide?

The Alpine Slide is located

Does the Slide have Parking?

Yes, there is free parking readily available in the lot near the park entrance.

When is the Steamboat Alpine Slide open?

The Alpine Slide is open seasonally from May through September. Hours and days of operation vary within that time period, so we recommend calling in advance to inquire about seasonal availability.

How much does it cost to ride the slide?

The cost to ride the slide depends on age and the number of rides that are purchased. In general, the price varies from $7 – $15 per person.

Is there an age limit to ride the slide?

Visitors must be 7 years old to ride the slide solo. Children ages 2 – 6 are permitted to ride the slide with a paying adult. Children under the age of 2 are not allowed to ride the slide as a safety precaution.

Can more than one person ride at once?

No—excluding children riding with a parent.

How fast does the Howler Alpine Slide go?

The speed of the slide ride is really up to you! Each slide is equipped with a handle that helps you control the speed; you can go as fast or as slow as you like.

Is the Alpine Slide safe?

Yes! The Alpine Slide is very safe—think of it like riding a bike. Employees are on-site to direct the flow of slide traffic and ensure all visitors are following the slide rules and regulations.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, all riders are required to sign a quick liability release waiver. A parent or guardian is required to sign for any riders under the age of 18.

What should I wear?

Whatever you like! We recommend dressing for the weather. Steamboat Springs summer temps easily climb into the ’80s during the day, so shorts, a short-sleeve shirt, and comfortable shoes work great. Hats are not recommended, as they can easily fly off during the ride. And don’t forget to load up on sunscreen as burns happen easily on the mountain!

How do I get to the top of the hill?

Guests are invited to enjoy a steep but scenic trek up the concrete stairs to the top of the hill… just kidding. The Howler Alpine Slide experience includes a quick and convenient chairlift ride that brings you right to the top of the historic Howelsen hill.

The famous Howler Alpine slide is an exciting summer attraction for the entire family! Be sure to pencil in this popular Colorado mountain attraction onto your vacation itinerary.

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