Steamboat Springs Hunting Guides

Published on 01/20/2021 by Brad Luth

There are many things to do and see in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. With so many spots for different activities to take place, it truly is the perfect destination to visit with the family. One very popular activity that locals and visitors love to take part in is hunting in the Rockies. There are many wonderful hunting opportunities and spots for hunting elk, deer, moose, and even mountain lions if you are properly licensed. There are many ranches that offer archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunts on a variety of terrain. With an abundance of ranches and outfitters to choose from around the Steamboat Springs area, you can embark on a guided or non-guided hunting trip.  

Here are a few need to know things about hunting in the Rockies.

Where To Hunt

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There are many places that will allow you to hunt on their property, it just depends on what you are wanting to hunt and when. It is vital to know what season you are visiting during to make sure it aligns with what you are interested in hunting.  If you are interested in hunting mountain elk, black bear, and deer hunting; here are a few of our favorite places.

Del’s Triangle 3 Ranch

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At Del’s Ranch, they offer two great Colorado Rifle or archery hunting experiences. They have Full-service Hunting camps and Drop camps.  No matter which camp you choose, you will be assured of being deep in the wilderness in prime deer and elk habitat. They will even pack your meat and trophy out of camp at the end of the hunt. All hunting camps are within the Routt National Forest.  

Colorado Premier Outfitters

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Whether you are interested in outdoor adventures on the water or the land, at CPO they can help you. Learn from the experience of multigenerational locals who have been hunting this guided area for more than 40 years. You can go for a Full-service hunt(5-day hunt) with a 2 hunter minimum, a Semi-Guided hunt, a 5 day Drop Camp and even a full- service pack trip. 

Marabou Ranch 

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At Marabou Ranch there is something for everyone. When the snow flies, thousands of elk come through Steamboat and other surrounding areas on their migration towards lower elevations.  At Marabou Ranch during hunting season they offer exclusive hunting grounds for moose, black bear, deer, pronghorn, and Rocky Mountain elk hunts. They offer master guides to any of their visitors on their private land.  Whether you are interested in a private experience or entertaining a large group of friends and family, Marabou will help make your hunting trip memorable and successful.

One80 Outfitters

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At One 80 Outfitters, formerly Vanatta Outfitters, they have been dedicated to hunting in Northwest Colorado for more than 30 years. They have over 20,000-acre ranch located near Steamboat Springs where they have elk hunting, mule deer, and one of the greatest wilderness areas around. They are not only a premier big game hunting outfitter, but they are also dedicated to reconnecting their guests to the great outdoors. So you can come to Routt County to relax and unplug a bit. 

Silver Creek Outfitters

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Silver Creek Outfitters books elk hunting that includes horseback riding used to travel to the hunting areas, pack out of the game, and guided or non guided assistance. They have the option to hunt for elk, deer, or mountain lions.  For those who may not be interested in hunting, they also have the option for horseback rides. 

License and Regulations

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While it is nice to come out and hunt on private land there are still a few rules. The state of Colorado is divided into game management units, so it is important to follow any and all regulations. An updated list of rules including, when seasons start and end, what license you may need, and other FAQ please view here.  Please be safe, smart, and cautious of those around you when hunting.

With a surplus of so many beautiful animals in the Yampa Valley, it is nice to be able to hunt them. Colorado offers such a variety of things to do, and nothing screams the mountains quite like a good hunting trip. We hope to see you out in Steamboat or maybe even in the woods.