Steamboat Springs Jeep Tours

Published on 10/19/2020 by Brad Luth

Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a well-known rocky mountain ski town. From rafting to guided tours, horseback riding, biking, and charters, the adventure in this town never ends. While you could always get from place to place by skiing, if you’re looking for a more efficient and exhilarating way to see the town, think about renting a jeep or going on a jeep tour. Jeep tours typically run half days but you can rent your own jeep for a full day if you’d like. Here are a few of our favorite places to rent jeeps from as well as where to go and what to do.

Where To Ride

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When renting a jeep for your own leisure, it is the perfect vehicle to go sightseeing in. It glides up the mountains with ease and you can still visit all of your favorite places like the hot springs or river rafting while embarking on your own outdoor mountain adventure. You can ride to Strawberry Park to see the beautiful wildflowers and slopes, or head over to Steamboat Lake and Hahns Peak. The backcountry trails are an amazing place to go jeep or atv riding to get plenty of scenic views of the mountains. Cruise through the Routt National Forest or head over to enjoy a day of snowmobiling and snowmobile tours. The jeep will get you there safely, but also be a fun experience you will never forget.

Where To Rent ATV’s & Jeeps

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While there are plenty of winter activities to choose from, during the summer there are some unique choices. One of our favorites being an ATV tour or a Jeep tour. Some places may offer both options and some may offer one of the other. Dive into exploring the continental divide and yamapi valley, or take your Jeep or ATV to your whitewater rafting destination. Here are a few places that offer jeep and atv rentals and tours.

Hahn’s Peak Roadhouse

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Hahn’s Peak Roadhouse has something for everyone in the family. From their long list of winter activities to their adventurous summer activities, a visit to this place is always worth it. They offer guided horseback tours, guided ATV tours and ATV rentals. Enjoy climbing up the side of a mountain and being able to reach out and touch the beautiful foliage.

Dream Jeep Rentals

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Spend your whole vacation cruising up and down the rocky mountains in a jeep. Dream Jeep Rentals is a custom Jeep Wrangler company in Colorado. Try out taking the jeep on some trails, or just go for an afternoon scenic drive, no matter what you take the jeep on, you will not be dissapointed.

Steamboat Jeep Rentals

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This family owned and operated company has been offering jeep tours and jeep rentals in the Steamboat area for years. You can choose from a full day rental or a half day rental. Discover the undeveloped beauty that one may miss just driving by in a regular car. The Jeep allows you to go offroading to explore trails you might have passed up in a regular car.

Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals

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With more than 14,000 ft of mountains and peaks you will have plenty of National parks to explore in your jeep. You can travel to the high mountain lakes or traverse passes high above the timberline. Drive to the historic sites and check out the history of the area, or head out for some outdoor activities. Anything is possible with a Jeep in Colorado.

Colorado 145

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With two different locations in the state, you can choose which area works best for pickup of your jeep depending on where you are staying. They offer shuttles to and from the airport so you do not have to find a way to your jeep once you arrive. They are open year round and there are an array of Wranglers that you can choose from.

Colorado West

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How high will you travel in your jeep wrangler. Will you go to the tops of the waterfalls in your jeep. Maybe you can drive up to the top of the zipline, or if it is winter the top of the ski area. Jeep Rubicons are perfect for climbing mountains. Renting a jeep from Colorado West is one of the most effective ways to explore the mountains.

No matter where you decide to go to explore in your Jeep or ATV, you will find yourself making the best memories with lots of laughs, adrenaline rushes and scenic rides. Explore the Yampa Valley like the locals would and find some of the coolest spots that you wouldn’t normally be able to go. Steamboat Springs looks forward to seeing you and we hope you have the best time on your jeep ride.