Steamboat Springs Parks: Family-Friendly Fun!

Published on 07/24/2018 by Brad Luth

The Best Family Friendly Parks That You Can Visit

Steamboat Springs is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Colorado and is one of the most scenic places around. The area is filled with lush greenery and perfect weather, which is why it also sees visitors coming here from all over the country, especially during the summers. The city has plenty of sights to see and things to do, one of which is to visit one of the many Steamboat Springs parks. Steamboat Springs Parks are regarded as some of the most iconic around because of the unique beauty and aesthetic that they follow. If you are looking for a beautiful place to spend a day with the family, while still giving every member something to do, the parks here are something any visitor should consider going to.

To help you narrow down on the options that you have for good old family-friendly fun, we have made a list of some of the best parks and gardens within the city that are known for their beauty and entertainment options that they provide.

Whistler Park and Playground


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Whistler Park and Playground is one of the more iconic parks in the city and has a large number of activities for kids, and those who are kids at heart. The Whisler’s Inclusive Playground is one of those places where children can play, and parents can sit back and enjoy the view. The Playground is rather centrally located, which means that it is incredibly easy to reach from most of the major points within the city.

The playground tries to stay true to the theme of being natural, which is why one can expect lush greenery and a lot of things to do here. If you are looking for a park that will enable you to spend the entire day with your family, doing things that you like, Whistler Park is the place for you. The Whistler Park and Playground have a vast stretch of grass that makes this place ideal for a picnic or even a family BBQ. The park here has a complete jungle gym, a semi water park, and a tennis court. Because of how many options that one has, finding something to do here is hard.

The park is also known for its extensive 4km bike trail that goes through some of the areas most beautiful natural sights. The park is also located just across two great coffee shops and a number of other restaurants for those who want to have a nice lunch or dinner after spending some time in the park.

Amaze’n Family Fun Park

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The Amaze’n Family Fun Park is an ideal place for family fun because of the full range of options that they have in store. This comprehensive family fun park has something for everyone, which means that no matter what you are in the mood for, you are sure to find something here at this park. One of the biggest attractions at the park is the put-put golf course that is child and adult friendly. If you want to enjoy a nice game of family-friendly golf, this is the place to go to.

The park is also known for its Giant Human Maze, Gyro, Water Walkerz that is great for those who are looking to experience a little bit of adventure. For family fun activities that are fun and entertaining, the park has options like Shoot’n Shower Basketball, Squirt Gun Fun, Laser Tag and a lot more. The park also has a few engaging educational activities like gemstone panning that can help kids learn about the different kinds of gems that are available throughout the world.

One of the brilliant things about this park is the wide range of options that it follows. A lot of times, parks don’t have enough engaging activities to keep kids and adults occupied throughout the day. At Amaze’n Family Fun Park the number of options that are available will never leave you bored or dissatisfied with the experience that you are having.

Yampa River Botanical Park


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The Yampa River Botanical Park is a brilliant place to go to if you are looking to spend some good quality family time in the midst of beauty and nature. The Yampa River Botanical Park is regarded as one of the most beautiful parks in the city and is filled with beautiful sights and lush greenery. The six-acre park was donated to the city of Steamboat Springs and is maintained by a private organization of people who love nature and want to do something to preserve it. The park entrance is entirely free, and the park is open from May to October. Even though free entry into the mark does attract more people than other places, the park never fees crowded because of how large it is. Because of how well maintained the park is, it regularly sees visitors coming there from all over the country.

One of the things that have truly made this garden remarkable is the transition that it has gone through over the years. The garden was originally a horse pasture that was then transformed by two individuals who wanted to give the city something beautiful that they could call their own. The botanical gardens were then transformed into what we see today, which is a picturesque landscape that can captivate anyone.

The Yampa River Botanical Park is a perfect destination for family time fun, be it a picnic or a small party. There are also various other community-based events that take place here, such as workshops, classes, and even concerts. The park also has a special children’s play area that stays true to the entire theme of the park while still giving them something that they would be attracted to and fascinated with. The Yampa River Botanical Park is also known for their educational gardening programs that are meant to teach both adults, and kids, the intricacies of maintaining a beautiful garden, and the things that they can implement back home.

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