Explore Steamboat Springs

Where Ski Town Meets Small Town

There’s a lot more to Steamboat Springs than a world-class ski resort. From tubing down the steep slope of Howelsen Hill to snowshoeing across scenic vistas to melting your muscles in one of two area hot springs, the town of Steamboat Springs and Downtown Steamboat Springs Colorado surrounding areas keeps the adventure coming throughout your winter vacation. And in the summer, it’s always sunny in Steamboat. Whether you’re tubing down the rapids of the Yampa River, fly fishing along its banks, or mountain biking along dozens of area trails, a Steamboat Springs summer is one you’ll want to experience again and again. Add an eclectic mix of 60+ restaurants, bars and live music venues, plus plenty of arts, western culture and kids entertainment, and it’s no wonder families travel from all over the world to experience the town of Steamboat Springs year after year.


When It’s Cold

While summer is catching up fast, the winter is why so many families flock to Steamboat. The Yampa Valley is chock full of fun waiting to be had by every member of your family all winter long:

  • Skiing: If there’s a speed demon in the family, Howelsen Hill boasts some terrain that’s steeper than anything you’ll find at the resort.
  • Tubing: This is fun for the whole fam. Ride the magic carpet up Howelsen Hill, and slide and spin your way down again and again – it’s different every time, (your kids won’t want to leave.)
  • Snowmobiling: If you want to take in some awesome sights and even ski some off-trail powder, without all the hiking, this is the way to do it.
  • Snowshoeing: Just you, the ones you love, the snow, and the sites.
  • Dog Sledding: Here’s one of those one-of-a-kind experiences you’ll be talking about for years.
  • Sleigh Rides: Behold the beauty of the mountains on a romantic ride.
  • Ice Climbing: Don’t try this at home – only in Steamboat. A thrill for adventure seekers of all types.

Winter also brings an assortment of fun festivals to Steamboat Springs, chief among which is the Winter Carnival, which takes place the first weekend of February. Think of it as Cirque du Soleil on snow, complete with a fantastic fireworks finale.

When It’s Warm

When the weather warms up, Steamboat comes out to play, and so do visitors like you. If you like lots of sun and hardly any humidity, you’ll love Steamboat in the summer. You may find yourself:

  • Tubing down the rapids of the Yampa River;
  • Careening 2,400 feet down the Howeler alpine slide;
  • Zipping along dozens of mountain biking trails for all abilities;
  • Hiking through thousands of acres of mountain wilderness;
  • Pulling fish out of the area’s rivers and creeks;
  • Galloping or loping along on a powerful steed through abundant equestrian terrain
  • Or jumping into a pit full of foam in the kid’s adventure zone.

… The list goes on.

Summer also brings several special events to Steamboat, chief among which is the Mustang Rally. It’s the largest gathering of Ford Mustangs in the world, and it happens right here in Steamboat in mid-June.

Every Saturday from June till September, Steamboat Springs hosts a farmers market stocked with everything from local produce to fresh-baked bread to trinkets of all types.

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge has made its way through Steamboat Springs twice, and it will undoubtedly return again as a spectacle not to be missed. If you’d rather participate in the race, there’s a walk, mini-marathon, pentathalon, or even a mud run calling your name.

In Steamboat Springs in the summer, everyone goes at their own pace.



Not too big, not too small, not too tacky, not too trendy, Steamboat Springs carves out its own niche on the Colorado ski town landscape. Unlike other perhaps more famous towns, Steamboat doesn’t view itself as a status symbol; it’s just a place where people come together to have no frills fun. Though, if you walk into one of our steakhouses or gourmet restaurants, you’ll certainly walk out the door feeling like a million bucks.


Steamboat’s dining scene combines a flare for the gourmet with your old favorites done just the way you like them.

  • Italian: We’ll put our trio of Italian restaurants up against anything you’ll find back east, whether you’re looking for a more intimate dining experience or you figure it’s not truly an Italian restaurant unless it’s a little loud.
  • Mexican: No matter which flavor of Mexican cuisine you’re craving, we’ve got it right here, from Jalisco to Baja, taco stands to sit-down cantinas.
  • Barbeque: Steamboat wouldn’t be Steamboat without some killer barbeque, and here you’ll find it as rustic as you want with meat to match.
  • Asian: Thanks to some recent additions, we’ll bring the Pacific rim right to your table, with a dash of Thai and a sprinkling of Chinese.
  • Steakhouses: Steak and Steamboat are virtually synonymous, whether you’re grilling your own or taking in a little celebrity with your slab.
  • Gourmet: You won’t believe that Steamboat of all places could have fine dining this … fine.
  • Cafes: Tongue-tingling coffee, fresh-baked pastries or hearty brunch, we’ve got a café, coffee shop or diner serving up some simple deliciousness.

Whether you want to try a Colorado institution or all you want is some comfort food, Steamboat will provide.


Ready for a break from all that heart-pounding exercise? Maybe it’s time to take a stroll through downtown Steamboat. Shopping in Steamboat is more than cowboy hats and western clothing. Aside from the major everyday stores, downtown Steamboat is full of small, locally-owned shops just made for out-of-towners looking to pass some time, see some cool stuff and maybe buy a few things for the folks back home.


Steamboat Springs hosts a number of art galleries featuring a plethora of artisan works from here in Colorado and around the world. Every Friday at 5, local artists and venues team up to display a bewildering array of art throughout downtown Steamboat in what’s called the First Friday Art Walk. Many venues also offer food and drink to complement their unique displays.

Steamboat At Night

Not ready for bed yet? Neither is Steamboat. Live music defines this town at night. We’ve got several venues downtown that showcase everything from stompin’ bluegrass to spine-tingling sets from DJ’s spinning all forms of electronica.

In the winter, you can take in one of several concerts offered at the base of the ski area, while in the summer, concerts are held both there and downtown at the base of Howelsen Hill. These professionally-produced shows feature an eclectic lineup of national acts from alternative country to southern rock to big band, and everything in between.

We’re a long way from Broadway, but you’ll sometimes find a locally produced show playing at our newly remodeled theater.

Some cities never sleep; Steamboat does. And when you are finally ready for bed, we hope you’ll choose to spend your nights at one of our fine Steamboat Vacation Rentals properties.